Regular massage strengthens and tones the entire body system, simultaneously calming and stimulating body and mind.

Individually tailored to the needs of each client, our signature treatments are as unique as you are. If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation experience, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Spa Massages Prices

The Spa Deep Tissue Back Massage

Our classic massage, this treatment can be tailored to your exact requirements. Your therapist will consult with you about your preferred pressure or style and your individual aches and pains to ensure your body gets exactly what it needs.

Also available as part of a Spa Package or a Spa Ritual Experience.

25 mins | £32.00

The Spa Stress Buster

This treatment does very much what it suggests! It’s especially designed to beat the stresses and strains of everyday life, and involves not just a back massage but also focuses attention on the neck, face and scalp to really unwind and calm you.

40 mins | £42.00

The Spa Reviver Body Massage

The Reviver is our full body massage, for the ultimate in relaxation. As well as an intense back massage, you’ll enjoy a leg, arm, shoulder and scalp massage too, to ensure every inch of your body is rested and revived.

Also available as part of a Spa Package.

55 mins | £49.00

Decleor Aroma Massage

An exclusive treatment by DECLÉOR, the aroma massage offers a different aromatherapy experience to pamper and relax your body and mind.

Also available as part of a Spa Package or a Spa Ritual Experience.

55 mins | £57.00

Foot Massage

Our feet walk an average of 115,500 miles in a lifetime, so they deserve a little extra attention. Our divinely indulgent foot massage focuses on relaxing the muscles in your ankles, heels and toes, pampering your feet for a total foot de-stress. You’ll leave The Spa walking on air.

25 mins | £24.00

Hot Stone Massage Prices

For a more intensely relaxing experience, enjoy a deep massage alongside the effects of warm, smooth polished stones placed expertly on key points of your body. The effect is warming, soothing and oh-so-indulgent.

Hot Stone Back Massage

25 mins | £40.00

Hot Stone Stress Buster

40 mins | £46.00

Hot Stone Full Body

Also available as part of a Spa Package or a Spa Ritual Experience.

55 mins | £62.00

The Ultimate in Hot Stone

Head to toe experience including face and scalp.

Also available as part of a Spa Package.

70 mins | £68.00

Thai Herbal Compress Massage Prices

An extra-special treatment perfect for detoxifying and purifying. Hot herbal compresses are applied to the skin along with individually blended essential oils in a deeply effective massage to ease away tension and create a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

Thai Herbal Back Massage

25 mins | £42.00

Thai Herbal Stress Buster

40 mins | £52.00

Thai Herbal Full Body

Also available as part of a Spa Ritual Experience.

55 mins | £62.00

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