Our Holistic therapies take care of your general well-being to improve the way you feel inside and out. Each treatment relieves the body of stress to restore balance and harmony within your natural ecosystem.

Our therapists treat your body as a whole to release tension, decongest the organs and send you into deep relaxation. At the end of your treatment, you will feel re-energised as the pressure inside your body is alleviated.

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This pressure point treatment is just for the feet. It opens meridian lines and unblocks chakras to rebalance the whole body.

40 mins | £31.00
55 mins | £37.00

Hopi Ear Candles

This unusually relaxing treatment is perfect to remove blockages in and around the ears. Great for sinusitis, hayfever and frequent flyers. Includes scalp massage and lymphatic drainage.

40 mins | £32.00

Indian Head Massage

A soothing, freeing treatment to unblock the body’s energy channels and release stress to leave you feeling uplifted.

40 mins | £34.00

Zen Package

Reflexology (55 Mins) | Hopi Ear Candle | Indian Head Massage

2 hours 15 mins | £86.00

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