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Environ is a unique, cosmeceutical range of products packed with active ingredients, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Environ offers real, scientifically-proven results for naturally beautiful, glowing skin. We recommend that clients invest in the homecare range to maintain and prolong results after a treatment.

Environ Consultation with an Environ Skin Practitioner is £15 or free with an Environ treatment (excluding the Environ Express Facial). A one-to-one, specific consultation will identify your skin's needs so we can advise you appropriately, tailor-make your treatments and help you choose the right products for the best possible results.Cost of consultation is redeemable against the Environ homecare range (when you spend £40 or more) and all Environ treatments (excluding the Environ Express Facial).

Decleor Facials

Decleor Facials

DECLÉOR’s sought-after facial treatments use pure and potent plant extracts, along with natural essential oils to work in harmony with your lifestyle. All DECLÉOR treatments incorporate aromatherapy techniques and products. Each Decleor facial uses special Aromessence products, Formulated with powerful, natural plant extracts that can be absorbed straight into the skin cells to directly benefit your individual skin type.

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Environ Facial Treatment Prices

Professional Consultation

Consultations with a Skin Practitioner are complimentary with an Environ treatment (excluding the Environ Express Facial). A one-to-one, specific consultation will identify your skin’s needs so we can advise you appropriately and tailor-make your treatments to help choose the right products for the best possible results.

Environ Express Facial

Perfect for those who need a boost of vitamins and anti-oxidants on a tight schedule, our Environ Express Facial offers precleanse, exfoliation, cleanse, mask, shoulder massage and moisturise.

Also available as part of a Spa Ritual Experience.

40 mins | £38.00

Environ Manual Facial

Ideal for first-timers, the Environ Manual Facial offers a fantastic insight into this unique, scientifically driven range and the results you can expect. Once you’ve seen it for yourself you’ll definitely be back for more. The experience includes precleanse, exfoliation, cleanse, active serums for massage, alginate mask and moisturise.

45-55 mins | £45.00

Environ Active Vitamin Treatment

This special treatment applies fresh, active vitamins and antioxidants into the deep, lower layers of the skin using soundwaves and small electrical pulses. It’s great for addressing sun damage, pigmentation, dryness, uneven skin tone and scarring, as well as softening lines, improving elasticity and boosting radiance to leave skin looking luminous and perfect.

35-40 mins | £42.00 | 1-2 Areas
60-70 mins | £57.00 | 3 Areas*
70-80 mins | £72.00 | 10 Areas

*Also available as part of a Spa Package.

Advanced Facial Treatment Prices

Treatment times may vary due to initial consultation.

Environ Purifying Treatment

Stop spots and blast blemishes with a gentle, peeling treatment specifically created to clear the complexion and calm inflammation. This deep cleaning treatment with lactic acid removes bacteria, takes away dead skin cells and decongests skin, leaving you looking beautifully blemish-free.

60-70 mins | £57.00

Environ Hydraboost Treatment

If your skin is looking a little lacklustre, the HydraBoost treatment is made for you! This intensely hydrating treatment contains hyaluronic acid to plump and firm whilst boosting skin’s moisture levels to the max. It also reduces fine lines to leave you looking glowing and gorgeous.

70-80 mins | £82.00

Environ Frown Treatment

A targeted treatment specifically designed to soften frown lines. This clever treatment achieves dramatic results with a unique peptide packed serum which penetrates deeply into the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and helping to prevent new lines forming. It uses the same chemical complexes as injectables so results are impressive and visible immediately.

60-70 mins | £82.00

Environ Collagen Power Facial

This peptide packed facial helps boost collagen and elastin whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This unique formula uses three powerful peptides to give you smoother, softer, younger looking skin. This treatment is a great cure for tired mature skin.

70-80 mins | £82.00

Environ Aesthetic Treatments

Please note: A series of 6 treatments is recommended to achieve results and a consultation is required before booking.

Environ Cool Peels

Everyday our skin suffers from environmental congestion, leaving us with tired uneven skin. This revolutionary peel destroys bacteria, boosts hydration and removes dead cells using low strength lactic acid to activate cell renewal. Protecting the epidermal layer, the peel works harmoniously with your skins natural elements creating tighter, smoother skin.

Single Treatment | £62.00

Environ Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST)

This cutting-edge needling therapy dramatically improves skin that’s fallen victim to scarring, stretch marks, signs of ageing, uneven tone, sun damage and dilated blood vessels by stimulating your bodies natural healing powers.

Single Treatment | £255.00

Decleor Facial Treatment Prices

Decleor Discovery Facial

This simple facial is a great introduction to DECLÉOR. Your skin will be cleansed, toned, massaged, a mask applied and finally moisturised, all with products appropriate for your individual skin type.

Also available as part of a Spa Package.

40 mins | £40.00

Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial

The Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial is DECLÉOR’s classic treatment. Specially tailored to your skin type, you will enjoy a wonderfully nourishing, uplifting treatment thanks to the aromatherapy techniques, you’ll leave feeling fantastic.

Also available as part of a Spa Package.

70 mins | £54.00

Decleor Prescriptive Facial

This facial is an intensive treatment using professional knowledge and products to create a bespoke facial especially for you, to leave your skin luminous and refined.

70 mins | £64.00

Decleor Collagen Pump & Lift

Specially created to help with the first signs of ageing, such as fine ‘laughter’ lines, this facial helps to smooth and hydrate tired skin for a youthful boost.

85 mins | £72.00

Ultimate Advanced Anti Ageing Facial

Intended for skin showing more advanced signs of ageing, this treatment enriches and nourishes mature skin to erase deeper lines and helps to lift sagging skin.

85 mins | £72.00

Orexcellence Facial Pilates

Tailored to skin showing developed signs of ageing, this very intense facial penetrates skin to fill deep lines and boost cell regeneration, whilst lifting tissue and firming slack skin.

85 mins | £72.00

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