Detoxify skin and relax your body and mind

Looking to reopen late Summer 2023.

Rasul mud is packed full of skin-loving minerals. Once inside the warm chamber the heat helps to open pores, releasing your toxins and absorbing the nutrients from the mud. An exotic Rasul ritual is an ancient cleansing treatment to detoxify skin and relax body and mind, leaving you radiant and revitalised.

It’s a great treatment to share with a friend or partner. You self-apply the finest Rasul mud to your body and face, then relax on the heated seats to detox and de-stress under the twinkling starry sky. The ritual concludes with a soft, warm tropical rain shower to remove the mud leaving your skin incredibly soft and smooth. The chamber accommodates up to four people.

For more information or to book an appointment, please complete our contact form or call us on 01926 831 101.


Prices include the exclusive booking of the whole chamber. Please bring swimwear.

Rasul Mud Ceremony

45 minute treatment + Relaxation Room. Perfect for sharing, relaxing, detoxing, cleansing

  • 2 persons | £60.00
  • 3 persons | £85.00
  • 4 persons | £100.00

Rasul Ritual Experiences

Why not combine our Rasul experience with some of our other relaxing treatments? We have a variety of Rasul Combo packages available, including body scrubs, hot stone body massages, bamboo body massages, aroma massages and facials.


Rasul | Decléor Aromatherapy Body Massage

  • 2 persons | 2 hours | £172.00


Rasul | Hot Stone Full Body Massage

  • 2 persons | 2 hours | £181.00


Rasul | Decléor Bamboo Tension Release Full Body Massage

  • 2 persons | 2 hours | £168.00

Cleansing Ritual

Rasul | Revitalising Body Scrub | DECLÉOR Express Facial or Deep Tissue Back Massage

  • 2 persons | 2 hours | £202.00